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November 12, 2019

Why go premium

Go Premium
Your dogs health is directly linked to the quality of food that you choose to feed them. Some people think that all dog foods are created equal. However this could not be further from the truth. There is a big contrast from the cheaper generic brands to the healthiest dog foods.

All dogs require the same balance of nutrition, such as protein, healthy fats, omega acids, and minerals. The top premium dog foods deliver all of these nutrients in healthy and balanced way. Resulting in a nutrient rich balanced diet for your dog.

what is premium dog food

It is one of the healthiest dog foods and is of higher quality.It might be more expensive than your standard food, however as I will explain later in my article, in the long run it can work out about the same price, if not cheaper. It is well worth considering. Especially for pure breed dogs. It contains many of the ingredients that we as humans would eat on a regular basis.

High quality diets include minimal amounts of processed foods. They do however contain ingredients such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. All of which are crucial to a healthy and balanced diet. It contains no chemical preservatives or bi products,  But it does contain the very beneficial omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutraceuticals.

A lot of the properties in top brand dog food can assist with a lot of health problems in dogs. It can lower blood pressure, helps alleviate inflammation that causes arthritis. reduces weight gain and is beneficial for dogs with allergies. The benefits are extremely profound.

over all benefits

  • Balanced diet.
  • Healthier skin and coat.
  • Improved digestion
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Helps treat allergies
  • Stronger bones and teeth
  • Improves brain function in puppies
  • Improves immune and overall health
  • Boosts energy levels

Provides your dog with fuel

Providing your beloved animal with a high quality food has numerous benefits. One of these benefits, is a peak in fuel and energy. This over time will improve your pets overall health. It is the sheer quality of the premium pet food which provides your pet with that extra boost of energy. This will also benefit you as an owner, as you will have a more vibrant, active and alert animal.

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It is the high in nutrient rich foods, within the food that allows your pet to be at their best. Foods such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins.

Superior digestion and nutrition

High quality pet food, especially in the case of dogs will produce less waste. Their stool will also be more solid and less smelly. This is of benefit to you the owner. After all what owner wants to be cleaning up soft and smelly poos .

The nutritional value is second to none. It will provide your pet with the proteins needed for muscle strength, minerals and calcium for bone strength and vitamin c for a healthy coat and skin.

Generic brands are inferior

Your generic brand pet foods are a far less nutritious product and lack the vital ingredients, to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your dog.
It contains lower quality ingredients and contains a lot of artificial flavours, additives, both sugar and chemical, refined grains, bi products, soy,
wheat, gluten and bone meal. All of these ingredients are just added, to lower costs and are of no benefit to your dog Other  than filling their stomach.

Improves brain function in puppies

A puppies brain develops at an incredible rate, much faster than human offspring. This is due to their life expectancy. Puppies will amazingly take only six weeks to obtain 70% of their adult brain mass. Top quality dog food contains omega 3 fatty acids, which is crucial to the brains fat cell membranes that feed the brain function.

Improved Brain Function

These fatty acids are crucial to assisting nerve cells during the crucial phase of learning, which as I mentioned earlier in this paragraph, is at a very early age for puppies.

Studies have found that a lack of docosahexaenoic or (DHA), a type of omega three fatty acid in a puppies diet can lead to behavioural issues and decreased vision. DHA is found in a lot of fish, such as tuna, salmon, sardines, eggs and chicken. This sounds like Something you would eat, right. This is the exact reason why these ingredients are found in many premium foods.
Puppies cannot produce enough DHA for themselves, therefore it is important that you feed their mothers quality dog food, in the prenatal period and while they are nursing. “Once” they are born it is also recommended that you put your pet straight onto a DHA rich diet.

This also can be very beneficial to breeders who are attempting to breed purebred animals. When you are charging good money for your pups, people expect quality. It is crucial if you want healthy and happy puppies. Make sure you give them the very best food that money can by. I promise you that you will notice a huge difference in your dogs overall health.

Reduces cost per feed

pet owners might be put off by the more expensive, higher quality dog foods on the range. I get it, Walking into an expensive pet food store that looks more like a hotel than a pet food shop, can be intimidating. Thinking that you are going to pay as much for your dog food as  you would on your grocery shop each week.

in fact, in the long run it can work out even cheaper than the supermarket brands Over an extended period the top quality foods have a much higher nutritional value and therefore are a much denser feed. This will allow you to feed your dog less and still leave them satisfied.

Save money

Think of it as eating a chocolate mud cake, which is dense, compared to a light fluffy sponge.

Treat your pet to the best

Speaking from experience, when we first switched over from the cheap dog food to the higher quality food, we saw a marked improvement in our dogs overall health. He was more vibrant, seemed a lot more alert and attentive, and had a much healthier and shinier coat. And to be quite honest just appeared to be a happier and healthier animal. We were making fewer trips to the vet, which saved us a lot of money on bet bills, which we all know are not cheap these days. Who needs them extra unnecessary expenses when your money could be spent elsewhere. For instance, holidays a new car or the more boring but important option of paying off your mortgage.

So to sum up. The endless amount of benefits that your pet will receive from premium pet food far out ways that of your cheaper brands. If you are serious about having a happier healthier and sharper animal, it is well worth the extra bit of initial outlay, in terms of money.You and your best friend will not look back.

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