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Premium herbal powder & premium vitties, the dog treats PLUS with concentrated power from herbs, algae & medicinal mushrooms. 100% natural and largely grain-free, reduced starch, hyper-allergenic & vegan.

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Discover our highly effective Premium Herbal Powder and Vital Mushroom Mixtures as well as our Premium Vitties with herbs and algae, the reward snacks with a big PLUS. Premium quality made in Austria.

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“A natural, balanced diet for a long and healthy life”

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Discover exciting reports and find a tip or two on how you can save your darling the trip to the vet with a little natural power.

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Best seller for horses

Best seller for dogs

Supplementary feed for horses and dogs at the highest level

Supplementary feed for horses and dogs at the highest level.

“Support in a natural way!”

With concentrated herbal power and the power of algae, you can optimally and 100% naturally support your darling in health areas. These include our highly effective supporting “Premium Herbal Powders “ and our “Premium Vitties” – the treats with a big PLUS.

We stand by that: Only the best ingredients in controlled quality are used. All herbs are of pharmacopoeia quality. Most of the Premium Vitties are grain-free or gluten-free and all are vegan (with the exception of the “GRÜNLIPP” variety). Most varieties are also starch-reduced and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for allergy sufferers!

The healthy reward

Dog treats & horse treats – the healthy reward

What do we want when we have a dog or a horse as part of our family? Health and a long life, of course. So that the animals receive this, nutrition is an important point in there development. As with us humans, food should always be balanced, healthy and tasty. So is snacking even allowed? But of course! With the dog treats and the horse treats from V point you can’t go wrong. Because this Goodies were developed at the highest quality level. Here you can be sure that only the best ingredients come in and that the delicious snack for in between doesn’t hurt. Reward your pets with these treats that are literally torn from your hand.

V-POINT dog treats with algae power

Tell your four-legged friend in between that you love him or just thank him for being there. The best way to do this is with dog treats that have the power of algae in them. Because this Premium Vitties are specially for Dogs and Horses and reward the animal in a healthy way. They not only taste good, they support vital body functions , strengthen that immune system and are good for skin and coat pigmentation. All things that you can additionally promote with a dog treat. Five different treats – from Spirulina to Seaweed . A healthy treat for in between..

Horses also love algae

Just like that dog, the horse can also be spoiled with algae power. You can give these horse treats without remorse and at the same time have the certainty that you are doing something good for the animal. Numerous positive characteristics distinguish thissupplementary feed. The horse treats support, among other things, intestinal cleansing, digestion, allergies, skin metabolism problems, arthrosis and is also good for strengthening the immune system. The Dog treats and Horse treats we offer are all vegan and produced without the addition of sugar and preservatives.

“Support in a natural way!”

Discover the power from herbs, algae and vital mushrooms and support the health of your favorite optimally and 100% natural with premium feed additives from Austria.